All the birth reports below have been kindly volunteered by the mothers. We hope that you will find them helpful, inspiring and that many of you will be able to benefit from the insight that can be gained from these experiences.

We hope others will continue to add to this collection, so that we can better represent the wide range of experiences, hopes, fears and feelings that are caesarean and post caesarean birth.

Planned Caesarean Experiences

Anne's caesarean

Anne had a repeat caesarean due to a large fibroid and a breech presenting baby.

Anne M's caesarean

Anne shares her experience of post childbirth trauma following the elective caesarean birth of her triplets.

Angela's caesareans

Angela shares the sad story of the loss of her son due to complications of shoulder dystocia, followed by two positive caesarean birth experiences.

Helen's caesarean

Helen tells of the very positive birth of her daughter, a planned caesarean; following a failed induction and emergency caesarean with her first baby.

Julie's caesarean

Julie gives details of her experience of caesarean birth and early postnatal recovery, including 10 top tips.

Lucy's caesarean

Lucy explains how her phobias made even an elective caesarean a difficult prospect, but how she managed with support from her husband and hospital staff to have a good experience of caesarean birth

Emergency Caesarean Experiences

Bridget's two caesareans

Bridget comes to terms with a second caesarean sections in three years, despite her wish for a VBAC.

Caroline's caesarean

Caroline relates the events and circumstances of her traumatic caesarean delivery - an experience that left her with PTSD

Claire's caesarean

Despite going through the nightmare of uterine rupture that all VBAC mothers fear, Claire and her baby Matt are doing well. Claire is able to be philosophical and hopes other mothers may learn from her experience.

Chris' caesarean

Chris tells how her first child, Madelyn, was born by c-section in May 2002. Although she was thrilled that her baby daughter had arrived, she explains how it had become one of the worst days of her life.

Gina's caesarean

Gina tells of the emergency caesarean birth of her breech presenting daughter in 1988, and the emotional difficulties she faced afterwards.

Kathy's caesarean

Kathy describes the disfiguring caesarean scar she is left with.

Louise's caesarean

Following induction at 12 days overdue, Louise tells of her repeat emergency caesarean due to caesarean scar rupture.

Nancy's second caesarean

Nancy had a positive second caesarean for the birth of her second child. They remained in control of decisions and their wishes were respected making the birth of their son a really good experience.

Nikki's Caesarean

Nikki tells of how she is able to retain control and have a positive caesarean birth, when her son, whom she had planned to give birth to at home turned transverse. This was her third child and third caesarean.

Wanda's Caesarean Lotus Birth

Wanda tells of her experience of having a lotus births at a caesarean. She explain how making the decision to continue with their plan for a lotus births when caesareans became necessary, allowed her to improve the birth experience for her and her 3rd and 4th children.

Emergency and Planned Caesarean Experiences

Michelle's caesareans

Michelle shares her discovery that a caesarean section is not to be feared.

Vikki's two Caesareans

Vikki tell how she achieved a really positive caesarean under epidural, following an emergency caesarean under general anaesthetic with her first baby.

Caesarean and VBAC Experiences

Debbie's three caesareans and VBA3C

Debbie gives an account of her three caesarean births and then the home birth of her fourth child.

Louise's caesarean and two VBACs

Louise shares her three birth experiences: a caesarean at 30 weeks followed by two home water births.

Liz's caesarean and three VBACs

Liz shares her four birth stories. An emergency caesarean for failure to progress with a face presentation, followed by three hospital vbac experiences.

Merry's two caesareans and VBAC

Merry tells of the traumatic caesarean birth of her first daughter; the vbac of her second daughter (achieved in spite of very poor midwifery 'support'); and the positive caesarean birth of her third daughter (a real emergency due to cord prolapse).

Sarah's caesarean and VBAC

Sarah describes the slow labour that lead to the caesarean birth of her son, and the VBAC birth of her daughter that followed a much shorter labour.

Stephanie's Caesarean and VBAC

Stephanie has a caesarean after a long, slow labour, followed by a good experience of vbac in hospital.

Susannah's VBAC

Susannah tells of her HBAC (homebirth after caesarean) and the support she received from her doctor and midwives, allowing her to have a birth that was a such a positive experience and contrast to the induced labour that lead to the caesarean birth of her first son.

VBAC Experiences

Caroline's three VBACs

Following the traumatic and unnecessary caesarean birth of her first daughter, Caroline took control of her next three births achieving the gentle homebirths of her next three daughters.

Diane's VBAC

Diane tells of her positive hospital VBAC

Gina's VBAC

Gina tells of her planned home VBAC in 1992.

Jane's 5th VBAC

Jane describes the birth of her 7th child, her 5th vbac but her first homebirth. Jane also has PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) and in addition to her caesarean scar she has the scar from a removed fallopian tube following an ectopic pregnancy

Jenny's VBA3C

Jenny shares her empowering experience of a home waterbirth after 3 caesareans (HWBA3C).

Joanne's VBAC

Joanne tells of her experience of VBAC of her daughter following the caesarean birth of her son who was breech

Lydie's VBAC

Lydie describes the very straightforward birth of her son at home, following her waters breaking the previous day and planning for a repeat CS, if nothing happened naturally.

Nikki's VBA4C

Nikki tells of birth of her fifth child, a homebirth after four caesareans, the birth she thought she may never have.

Rachel's VBAC

Rachel tells of her intervention-free straightforward VBAC in hospital following an elective caesarean for her first baby due to an unstable lie

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