Dare I say that's me!

Jubilant I lay, smiling smugly at those around me,
in my arms I hold my baby tight and proudly.

Looking down I wonder at his tiny features,
and how already we are a team.

We have grown together over the 40 weeks,
his being scared me, before I knew,
knew that I could birth him in the safety of our home,
away from bleeping machines and meddling doctors.

He chose to be born the natural way,
the way millions before him are born,
but he was my first to follow this way into the world
and he did it so well, or was it me?

I don't know,
but sitting here, surrounded by proud smiles looking back at us,
I know I did it, I achieved a VBAC, a HBAC and with a toddler sharing the moment,
of meeting her brother as he was born, born to into the arms of a proud and
strong woman, dare I say that's me!

Lydie ©

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